The night

Damián Ramis Caubet




Special plaster/vegetables (to be cast in bronze)
Different colour available upon request
58 x 200 x 70 cm

Limited editions of 8 pieces

IMPORTANT: Scultpure realized upon request. Available in about 30 days because of the necessary smelting period.

Limited editions: 8 pieces maximum. (each piece being numbered)


I was born between sculptures. I learned to walk between plaster casts and bronze figures, while I watched my mother modeling large clay anatomies, in companion of a Handel’s symphony as a background. Drawing was my first passion during my childhood; school notebooks’ and later the physics and chemistry notes were the best occasion to invent fantastic characters in full color, which made me often forget the formulas of acids.

I entered the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Palma de Mallorca when I was twenty and tried to tame my creative impulses. During two years, I drew coal classical statues and started the study of nude drawing. I finished this stage better prepared but with the same passion of keeping a look of new ways to express myself through art.

Right after a short period at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Madrid), I joined the Facultad de Bellas Artes Sant Jordi (Barcelona), specializing in sculpture, where I discovered a lot of useless subjects, boring teachers and fascinating classmates. Back to Mallorca I joined different groups of artists with whom I experienced the video art and public street performances. At that time - 80’s - I worked concrete pieces, pigmented textiles and polyester resin figures. I found fascinating solutions in all ways of expression that with the pass of the time, have become solid technical sediment on which I build my new sculptural approaches.

Throughout my life, I have exhibited drawings, paintings, objects and sculptures in art galleries, museums and art fairs in Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid and Puerto Rico. And some of my sculptures are in public spaces and private collections in Mallorca, Paris, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Geneva, Berlin and New York.

Since some time, I have accepted the idea that the sculpture is a distance race that requires a lot of passion and total commitment. Sculpturing is a race without goals; the path is the goal. Perhaps for that reason, my sculpture often changes its external structure and technical approaches, but not its inner beat.

My universe of forms now moves between animals made of bronze and mixed with various plant materials and pigments; I am passionate about working these zoological architectures that are occupying their space as new species in a new world. After creating them, I keep looking at them with the same excited eyes of the child that used to fill his notebooks with drawings.


Thumb angels of white city
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