The Golden Imprint I

Viet Ha Tran




December 2014
Fine Art Photography
58,5 x 87,8 cm

Limited Edition of 7 + 2 Artist Proofs

This photo has been published on Vogue Italia website, Hedonist Magazine London, and around 20 Vietnamese magazines.

The photo was taken at a temple in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Viet Ha is a Vietnamese romanticism-influenced fine art photographer currently residing in Madrid who specializes in blending women's emotions, inner dreams, intimity & feminity with poetry & philosophy. Instead of taking photos, Viet Ha tries to paint a world of feelings, poetry & philosophy with her camera. Through her photos, she wants to transmit her own feelings, inner dreams and the way she perceives life.
Her photos capture an ephemeral moment of feminine emotions flowing through the river of time. As reality plays hide-and-seek with fantasy, it's a reflection of those volatile moods etched in the permanence of change.

Viet Ha started photography in 2013 and is a self-taught photographer. Her photography has been featured in a number of newspapers and photography magazines such as Vogue Italia, Vietnam News, Vietnam Youth (Tuoi Tre), Vietnamese BusinessWoman, Photography MasterClass Magazine, Visual Artistry Magazine etc. She was the semi-finalist in the Spanish National Digital Photography Contest Canson Infinity 2013, and won Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2013. In April 2014 she shot for Talents Shooting of Vogue Italia and in August 2014, her photos were selected to appear at the ongoing photography digital exhibition at Saatchi Gallery London.

Viet Ha holds a BBA from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan and a Master in Marketing Management from a IE Business School, Madrid. She is currently working full time as Senior Associate Director of Admissions for Finance Master Programs at IE Business School, and dedicates the rest of her time to photography and martial arts.


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