Lady Jag

Florent Poujade




Lady Jag is a sculpture, not a functioning automobile.

Winner of the Great Prize for Art of the International Automobile Festival for the Lady Jag.

The Great Prize for Art of the International Automobile Festival 2013 was awarded to Florent Poujade for its work Lady Jag.

The French sculptor has received the Great Prize for Art during the official ceremony of the 28th Festival, which took place in the Hotel National des Invalides in Paris in front of 600 guests from the automobile, media and arts worlds.


Born on March 26th 1970, Florent Poujade is a French sculptor who started his career in 1995 and defines himself as an ‘absolute self-­taughtartist’.
One can define him as a metal man who gives metal bits a re‐birth and turns them from their automotive and industrial former life into elegant, powerful and colorful sculptures and furniture. The work of Florent Poujade is very much linked with the time which passes and thus, its relativity since the color and controlled power become vectors; and reasons of the resurrection of the subject and contributes towards its metamorphosis thus, giving it both the power and elegance combined in his works: the suggested power of the Animals, the elegance and lightness of skulls, furniture seeming to be designed by the effect of time and speed and the Metal Panels which seem to be made alive by the hidden but sensible power of its material and enhanced by its colors.