Globe trotters

Caroline Faindt






Clé (Key), of her real name Caroline Faindt, was born in 1981. At the age of 20 years old, she moved to Paris to embrace a career as a journalist. She was seen on TF6 next to the well-known writer Michel Field, and heard on the radio France Bleue. Paris had a true impact on the artist. It was where she met with artistical turmoil. The city is a constant source of inspiration and offers diverse source of influence.

An encounter will change her life, that of the Franco-Suisse painter and visual artist Flore Sigrist, who masters the art of figurative abstraction. In the paintings of this young artist, Caroline is faced with an open book. Since this, her sole drive is to be painting, expressing her feeling and freeing her emotions. For the artist, painting will become the key to express her own universe. A universe in bright colors where matter lives and breath. It is this key which became her symbol, her emblem.
Her work is a “source of reflexion”, where each is free to perceive and seize and tell their own story.

Each of us has a unique perception of life, of things, of the world, of feelings and this is exactly what has interested Caroline in her artistical process.
Due to our profound psychology, our memory, our biological and cultural factors, our perception of shapes, and what surrounds us, changes…
‘Clé’ (Key) desires to understand, decipher what everyone sees in her works. Where someone sees a city crumbling, an other sees a vibrant dancer.
Through her paintings, the artist unveils her personality but is also looking to understand others better, to see others unveiling themselves.

Caroline has exhibited in France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Luxury hotels, design consultants, decorators, architects have all trusted her and have displayed her works.
In 2011 she was chosen in the young artist category to exhibit in the Grand Palais in Paris, for the “Salon des Indépendants”.
In 2014 she was selected to participate in the modern art biennal ‘Next Step’ in Paris.


Thumb towardstheevanescenceacryliconcanvas80x80cm2015
Piece famous

Towards the evanescence

Mary Chaplin


price upon

Thumb fluid 2
Piece famous

Fluid 2

Marta Coulson



Thumb mae la camp  thailand 2010
Piece young

Mae La camp, Thailand

Patrice Aroca



Thumb capture d e cran 2016 01 23 a  09.16.30
Piece famous

Nature morte IV

Richard Ballarian