I'm in Love

Rachel Bergeret




Acrylic on paper
150 x 100 cm


Sparkling and stylish woman, full of humor, Rachel Bergeret was born in 1975 near Grenoble.
Quickly inspired by Fashion and artistic creation, she begins as stylist before turning to the Plastic arts. She develops her first collections for corsetry, brides and evening dresses. Fashion is a passion and during twelve years she is going to collaborate in numerous collections entirely embroidered. She goes every season in India where she manages the creation.
In parallel, she continues to paint and to work on illustration. It is with her " pictorial claw " "Rachel Bergeret" created in 2009 in Paris that she gives the full measure of her talent.
In 2011, she chooses the painting as unique professional activity and approaches various artistic techniques, in particular the drawing, the acrylic paint as well as the watercolor. We feel indubitably the touch « Couture » in Rachel Bergeret's paintings, silhouettes are disentangled and the associations of materials are unusual.
Each of her collections is a fireworks of inventiveness filled with her journeys in India, with trends, and with her love for the Burlesque. The inspiration of the line seems to guide her representational work: she fulfills herself by dealing with the subject of the woman and her role in the society...
Mishmash of feminism, cabaret, contemporary with a big concern for details, Rachel likes surprising by the gush of her graphic style, to better raise questions and to illustrate scenes of life with humor and lightness.
In 2013 she inaugurates her own eponym gallery at the heart of the Marias where she presents a real work of plastic Artist. Her painting becomes sculpture. She accumulates diverse collages added to a resolutely figurative painting. This painting in volumes goes out of the canvas to better attract the spectator.
She explores technical materials: collages of accessories, dripping effects, paint on Plexiglas, embroidery of materials, textured compositions, which attract the attention.
At the end of 2014, she decides to meet completely her public by offering happenings.
In the form of Live Painting. She wishes to create a bridge between the street artist approach and the traditional painting. Her purpose: to introduce this monumental and short-lived shape of art in our interiors.
She surprises her customers who are art collectors by proposing an intuitive and alive painting in large formats and on a very short time frame.

MIDINETTE in the city - the brand
In 2011, she launches her own brand of artistic products under the name of MIDINETTE in the city. Every exhibition gives rise to the manufacturing of some hand-made numbered pieces.


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