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ARTRANS calls upon the experience of its parent company
Axal and takes full responsibility for the transport chain for works of art. Its multifaceted expertise includes packing, shipping, and handling. These value-added services set the company apart.

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Achetez de l'Art

"Achetez de l'Art" is a campaign aiming at promoting the art market, by boosting the online communications of its actors, and fostering collector spirit among public at large, notably the young generations. “The act of purchasing an art piece is in itself thrilling, living alongside a work of art is rewarding and the art world is fascinating. We must not forget that most of the major collectors today all started somewhere.” Achetez de l'Art has published the first collaborative guide for buying art online.”

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Carré Urbain

A below-the-line marketing and communication agency, expert in alternative marketing.

Carré Urbain designs, organizes and implements advertising campaigns which change the rules of the game to promote events, services and products.

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Anta Akhi France

Founded in 1992 by Yvonne Chami, Anta Akhi gives support to adults with physical, mental and multiple disabilities in Lebanon.

Most of these adults grew up at Sesobel, a sister association. They are no longer dependent in their autonomy of life; their parents, advanced in age or deceased, can no longer meet the demands of their daily life.

Anta Akhi becomes their family ...

To support Anta Akhi France, you can make a tax deductible donation:

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Elex Premium

Elex Premium is a major expert in the Fine Art sector, offering:

• Online and Physical expertise

• Premium network of multidisciplined experts

• Premium insurance services (loss, damages, sales, transfers, personal knowledge etc)

Elex premium is a club, a privileged space where customers and experts discuss in complete confidentiality and total discretion.

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International transport company specialized in air and sea freight, in more than 500 cities in the world.

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Initiator of the "Reverse-graffiti" in France, The brand Clean-Tag ® accompanies since 2009 the advertisers inspired to follow an alternative, innovative and always more impactful communication.

The clean-tag, an ephemeral tagging realized by cleaning the ground with a high-pressure cleaner and a stencil. The dirty/clean contrast obtained reveals the tagging. An ecological concept as the water used in the process is undrinkable.

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Atelier Surexposés

The Atelier Surexposés realizes photographic prints and is specialized in exhibition prints.

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Big Art Theory Blog

Big Art Theory, founded and owned by the published writer and poet Anna H.Lucy, is a theme blog fully dedicated to artists and art. The post available on BAT belong to the ‘cross-border’ literature as they consist of interviews with contemporary artists, art-fiction as well as art-inspired poems that bring the reader closer to the artists, their artworks and their creative process.

The blog offers content from which one could learn more about the favorite masterpieces, the techniques, as well as unfold the circumstances in which the artworks have been created.
In 2016 the blog has been chosen as a Partner by the prestigious, London based, 19th century art gallery - MayFair Gallery. So far the author had the pleasure to meet and interview important and museum-level, international contemporary artists such as Gabriele Viertel, Danielle Van Zadelhoff, Thomas Dodd, Armando Alemdar Araor Halim Al Karim.
From 2017 onwards – the blog shall also introduce the readers to the new, premium level contemporary art that has got the high potential to become ‘the next big thing’ at the Art Market and is now available at the Partner Gallery - My Web’Art (

About the author
Anna H. Lucy is a published author, poetry writer, traveler and philosopher of life. As a 'restless hunter of nuances in things' she rejects standard answers and conventional wisdom and obvious appearances. Instead she tries to ask the right questions that usually are the beginning of a fascinating journey. The blogs founder considers herself an 'Art Detective' and goes a step further and looks beyond the surfaces' to unfold the things that are not obvious at the first glance. With texts filled with feeling, passion and warmth Anna welcomes the readers in the fascinating world of art to share an evocative journey throughout the 'old' and 'contemporary' art - a literary experience to remember.

Synergy between My Web’Art and Big Art Theory Blog
The collaboration between two platforms has started in January 2017 with a goal to bring the selected art and artist closer to the people who search for the artworks representing the highest artistic acumen.
Thanks to the original and one of a kind Big Art Theory posts, written with passion and love for the art and dedicated to the MWA featured artists and their art, the gallery visitors shall have the chance to experience a unique, literary journey.
The posts published as a result of cooperation between the two platforms intend to broaden the spectrum of the meaning of presented artworks, to help the readers to discover the nuances of the artists creative process and most importantly – to understand the value, beauty and timelessness of the artworks that are offered by the My Web’Art gallery (

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