Ordering an artwork

As soon as you decide to order an artwork on My Web’Art, you need to register on the platform (to get a login and a password), then you need to hit the "Acquire" button placed next to the desired artwork and follow the steps indicated.

My Web’Art will keep you aware of the process by phone or email.

Receiving the artwork

As soon as an order has been validated, My Web’Art receives instantaneously the Buyer’s information and contacts the Seller. The Buyer will then receive an email from My Web’Art indicating the name of the transporter, the package number and the approximate date of delivery. You will be able to track your order on the transporter tracking system.

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the number of days the transporter needs to provide the work to the Buyer. My Web’Art will let you know approximately within how many days the work of art will be delivered to you (you will be notified by email).
 The name of the transporter, the package number and the approximate date of delivery will be communicated to you.

Costs of delivery

The forwarding charges are borne by the Buyer and are calculated according to a price table which changes in function of the artwork dimensions, weight, and the delivery country.

My Web’Art will directly send the Buyer a quote including the shipping fees.

The shipping fees will be added to the price of the artwork. If customs duties, local taxes or import duties are payable, these rights are the responsibility of the Buyer and under its full responsibility, both in terms of returns and payments to the authorities / competent bodies. It is responsible to check with the relevant authorities.

Import taxes payment

Depending on its delivery address, a Buyer might have to pay import taxes when ordering an artwork. If you buy artworks from another territory, which means works will be sent across country borders, you might have to pay import duties upon receipt of the artworks. My Web’Art has no control over these costs.
It is important to keep in mind that: The carrier has to pay customs when importing an artwork. If the taxes are not paid, the work will be hold, and it will lead to delays in the delivery process and additional clearance fees.

In case of a problem related to the delivery

Every Buyer has the possibility to signal any claim regarding artworks ordered, by sending an email to My Web’Art



On My Web’Art sales are strictly confidential. During all steps of the process all information transferred through the platform is protected and secure.


My Web’Art is exceptionally secure. The platform uses advanced security technologies, such as long passwords, to protect users ‘data and personal information from any types of suspicious attacks. By providing advanced security standards, My Web’Art ensures users data cannot be intercepted and remain strictly confidential.

If you haven’t found the answers to your questions, please contact My Web’Art by sending us an email at