What is My Web’Art?

My Web’Art is a premium online meeting point for Art lovers, enhancing the experience of discovering works of art on the Internet through a sophisticated web portal.
My Web’Art gathers Art Sellers from all over the world (independent artists, art galleries, art collectors...) in order to offer the largest and most varied selection of artworks.

On My Web’Art, you will discover a great number of high quality artworks created by Artists who have a strong reputation or potential and who have been selected by our Selection Committee.

Why should I purchase artworks on My Web’Art?

> A Premium Worldwide Meeting Point for Art lovers
On My Web’Art, it is possible to easily buy and sell high quality works of art; Art Sellers exposes their artworks to potential Art Buyers everywhere in the world, 7/7, 365/365.

> A personalized Art Experience
My Web’Art offers you a personalized experience helping you to build or enhance your Art Collection. We provide you “Suggestions” according to your registered criteria, profile and previous purchases.

> Quality Artworks
A Selection Committee composed of Art professionals, Artists and Art lovers assists My Web’Art in the selection process of the artworks, to guarantee the high quality of the works presented on the platform.
 Moreover, My Web’Art was created in such a way that you will enjoy an easy browsing experience: a virtual catalog where you will be able to discover the artworks presented with high quality images and contents


Does My Web’Art offer any other services?

My Web’Art also offers extra services to its users, upon request:

> Personal Artwork orders
My Web’Art offers the opportunity to Art Buyers to make a request to have an artwork realized for them by an Artist who already registered on My Web’Art.

> Invitation to Happening events
My Web’Art offers the possibility to invite an Artist for an event. The Artist invited will realize a work of art during the event. The artwork realized will then be sold during the event or on the platform My Web’Art.

> Private viewing opportunity
Private viewing services are available to members of My Web’Art.
My Web’Art works in collaboration with partners renowned for the quality of their services to provide private viewings services around the world (New-York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, etc).

> Valuations services
Valuations services are only available to members of My Web’Art. Works of art have to comply with our selection criteria. Valuations are organized upon request.

> A Storage service
My Web’Art proposes secure storage services while guaranteeing the best conservation systems and conditions such as climate-controlled, air-filtered private safe rooms and racked or archived storage.

Why becoming a member of My Web’Art?

By becoming a member of My Web’Art, you will benefit from great advantages.

As a Buyer:

- You discover Artists from all over the world featured in our virtual catalog.
- You discover works from talented young artists but also from well recognized and established artists.

- You find the fairest prices.
- You buy artworks easily.
- You will also receive our digest emails, which will keep you aware of the new Art Sellers who joined the community and the new artworks exhibited, etc.

As a Seller:

- You expose your artworks in the virtual catalog.
- You get in touch with Buyers from all over the world.
- You expose your works easily in just a few clicks.
- You sell your works at the fairest prices.

I am an Art seller, how can I expose on My Web’Art?

You need to contact us by sending an email to and a member of our team will let you know how to send your Application.
My Web’Art and its Selection Committee will evaluate the artworks presented and will come back to you to let you know if your artworks have been selected.

My Web'Art is being a very selective platform to ensure our artists and Collectors, the most premium conditions and best art quality. Therefore after being accepted by the selection committee, every Art Seller has to pay an annual subscription to expose and sell on MWA. During this year, the Art Seller can renew on the platform as many times as he wants his artworks.

My Web'Art is not just a simple platform of buying/selling artworks, it's a place of promotion for our artists, especially internationally (participation to international art fairs, organization of events, private presentations, etc). My Web'Art is present in numerous international art fairs all over the world (London, Paris, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Miami, Beirut, New Delhi...) offering a wide and international exposure to each artists.

Everyone can expose on My Web’Art?

My Web‘Art’s goal is to expose the best artworks on its website but we cannot accept everyone, to guarantee the artists and works quality. This is why we have set up a selection system and created a Selection Committee to ensure our users have access to artworks of quality.

Do Art Galleries can expose on My Web’Art?

Yes Art galleries can expose on the platform. My Web’Art wants to offer its users the widest and best selection of artworks.

Are the works of art authentic?

The artworks exhibited on My Web’Art are signed by the Artists and a certificate of authenticity is delivered with the works to ensure their authenticity.